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Лонгборд Mindless Stained Daily Pink/Yellow (2016)

Лонгборд Mindless Stained Daily Pink/Yellow (2016)
Артикул: 12714
Наличие: на складе
8 000 Р 5 990 Р
Скидка: 2 010 руб. (25,1%)
Категория: 2016
Бесплатная доставка по всей России

Только на товары 2017 года! (Зимняя коллекция)

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Скидка 20% при покупке комплекта!

Только на товары 2017 года! (Зимняя коллекция)

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Small in size doesn’t always mean small in performance, the new Mindless Daily Stain may only be 24 inches in length but it certainly packs a mighty punch! Our Daily gives you all the fun of cruising around town, squeezed into a more petite model that you can take anywhere, 24/7!

Weighing in at just 2kg, measuring 24” x 7”… Small enough to carry effortlessly or stash in your backpack, this nifty little cruiser will give you hours of fun. New Stained graphics for 2014 give the board a more natural look whilst still keeping the colourful nature that the daily is loved for.

Mindless “Serenity bushings” come fitted as standard. The 88A Serenity compound provides superb rebound giving you the ultimate response and manoeuvrability so you can carve with absolute ease. While the 83A SHR Mindless wheels offer great grip allowing you to really use the bushings and commit to those turns.

Although this board is designed for cruising around the streets, it has a subtle concave and mellow kick tail so you can still hit the parks and throw down some tricks.

The overall look and feel of the Daily is bright, compact and fun to

ride, and is a great board for all ages and abilities, from the old

school skater to the modern day newbie.

Deck: 7-ply Canadian maple, deep wheel wells
Deck size: 24" x 7" (61cm x 17,75cm)
Griptape: Mindless with big stripe
Trucks: 4" (10,16 cm)
Cushions: 88A
Wheels: Mindless Daily 60mm, 83A
Bearings: ABEC 5, Chrome
Weight: 2 kg


Производитель Mindless
Модельный год 2016


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  • 8 (495) 120-11-60
  • 8 (800) 500-23-93
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